Sunday, May 6, 2007

This is Happy

(a bit self-congratulatory, but everyone needs this now and then)

This is Happy.

This is such an amazing feeling.

I'm totally happy with my body - I bike 7 miles a day; I beat 3 guys at arm wrestling last night and got called "pretty jacked for a girl;" I've got an awesome sex life, and lately several guys vying for my attention; my face, my hair - everything is working.

It's the beginning of summer. That means biking EVERYWHERE, that means swimming, it means gardening, it means cliff jumping, cookouts, fruity drinks, lighter hair, hiking, dog-walking, weekend road trips, sweaty nights, camping, DI camp?

I've got money in the bank and plans for the future (even if they do keep changing). I love my city, I love my apartment. I'm making a group of friends I care about, even though losing the guys will be a blow to that.

For once, for now, this girl is SO HAPPY.

1 comment:

jha15 said...

Yippee! I'm impressed with your biking. I don't want you to leave us! Maybe after a summer in Burl you'll be convinced to stay.