Sunday, May 13, 2007

Come on, let's GROW

My parents came to the Bur for Mother's Day!! They brought the garden boxes I painted (I know, they look grey, but I swear they're blue and white), a bunch of compost, and seeds. We went to Gardener's Supply and bought tomato plants (2 types) and a red pepper plant. (Wow, look at how bright and green everything looks - this was the perfect lighting for these pictures!!)

In one box I planted the tomatoes, lots of lettuce, and chives.

In the other, I've got cucumbers (with a trellis behind for them to climb), carrots, peppers, and more lettuce! Basically I'm growing my own salad. Hopefully I'll get two rounds of lettuce in.

In separate pots I've got pansies on one step, and morning glory on the other that will theoretically climb the post and twist around the railing. Above it all, there's a hanging begonia. I'm so happy to have my garden started at last!!

Only problem is, I have no patience - I don't want to wait!! I wonder if I'll have any tomatoes when I get home from work tomorrow...

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