Saturday, February 21, 2009

BraveDog the Adventurer

Roger helped write today's post.
We went on a big adventure today!! We went really far down the bike path, it was practically uncharted territory. I even walked out on the frozen lake, which is just crazy. Lou says I'm very brave, and I agree. There were trains, and people, and ice, and other dogs, and sand! Like I said, it was a BIG adventure.

After that, we went to CDSW and dropped off the compost (which smelled AMAZING), and then we went to Pet Food Warehouse! We got a new bag of food, and Buddy Biscuits, and I got all kinds of treats from the people with the blue aprons, just for sitting and offering my paw! OMD, I love that place.

Since then we've just been snuggling at home. Lou baked a batch of my favorite peanut butter cookies, and I started my new food at dinner time. I love weekends - and it's still only Saturday!! Tomorrow we might see Cartoon Drum, and I'll get a raw meaty bone.

Did you know I tweet? Not quite like birds, but like Twitter. There are LOTS of other dogs on Twitter, and cats and horses too! You can follow me to read all about what I'm up to. But now, I think it's nap time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

GOTTA love race league!

So, it's true I've been dreadfully ill all week, but if there's one thing I'll rally for, it's race league! Despite the fact that it was raining here in town, we had been promised snow on the hill, so we piled into Kate's car, and headed over to Bolton.

It continued to rain the whole drive there, only switching to snow once we started climbing the 4.5mi access road. The higher we got, the more the snow had built up. By the time we hit the S-curve, it was pretty messy! We lost too much speed to make it up the steep, and ended up parking the car just below it in a pull-off, and thumbing a ride up the hill.

Now, I don't make a habit of hitchhiking in general, but on several occasions I've ditched my Focus and hopped into the back of a pickup to successfully commute up the Bolton access road to make it in time for work. In my experience, it doesn't take that long - usually after just a few minutes of walking with my thumb out, I'm rewarded with a ride. And the same is true on race night - even with three of us and our equipment!

Racing was about as fun as the drive - with just a little more pain. It wasn't cold, but the snow You couldn't face down the hill without it stinging your face, which made racing pretty tricky! There were no lines though, and everyone was riding the same ruts so I think we held our own pretty well.

After we all got our two runs in, we headed to the James Moore Tavern for a beer before heading home. Unfortunately, there was an accident at the base of the access road, so the plow couldn't get up, so none of us could get down! Oh no, we're all stuck at the bar!!

Luckily, there was still the race league raffle to keep us entertained! Would you believe the three members of our team who were NOT there were all drawn? I wouldn't make that up. Only one Disrupter, Michelle, managed to bank a prize, now we have some team wax! Oh, and there was that time we sent Sean up on accident...

Finally the access road was opened up, and the guys drove us down to Kate's car. As soon as they pulled away though, her car got lodged in the snowbank! Right about that time, the driver of the vehicle parked next to ours arrived, and easily pushed us out and on our way! Thanks to the rainy/snowy mix, it was a pretty long trip down the hill and back to Burly, bringing to an end another wonderful race night!

And now, nothing left to do but await the posting of the official results!