Wednesday, May 23, 2007

IC Grad / Weekend of alumni mayhem!

Okay, so I went to Ithaca for the weekend to see Amanda and all my lovely graduates. There were SO MANY MORE alumni than I expected!! I spent the weekend with Emily, Fester, Amanda H, Amanda I, George, KEITH, JAY, and sooo many awesome people. We drank too much, remembered old times, hiked gorges, ate good food, drank too much again...hahaha.

I'm so excited for all of the graduates, but I remember how weird it felt to be...DONE with school. I mean, it's what we spent 16 years doing, now we have to go figure out something else to do! It's sort of jarring if you think about it too much. Kendra's got the best plan - she's staying in Ithaca for a year! Jealousssss.

I talked to Dean Lynch briefly. She was at St Mike's before going to Ithaca, so she actually knew my boss. I asked her why she hadn't warned me more strongly about him, and she replied, "Because then you might not have gone, and it's a really good place for you to be." And now it's all starting to make sense. No boss is going to be perfect, no job is going to be fun all the time. If I can live through this, I'll be that much stronger and smarter for it.

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