Friday, May 11, 2007


Haiden Fiore, in all his six-week-old glory!! OMG he is just TOO CUTE!!! Hmm...I think I'd buy baby food or clothes or tires or bubble bath from that face, wouldn't you? I see a career in baby modeling in his future.

He's five days old here, can't believe the difference!! I won't even recognize him when I see him in two weeks!!

Jess says his sleeping is getting more regular all the time, and he survived an entire errands trip with a good mood. OF COURSE Jess would have the perfect baby!! No one is surprised!!! <3


Amanda said...

LOU! You have entirely TOO MANY BABIES on your blog! It's scaring me!

Kisses from Kalifornia!

Amanda said...

I'm glad the baby has been properly informed (via t-shirt) that his sexuality will always be accepted by you.