Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adventures in Hiking

After a wonderful weekend celebrating Dan Silver's birthday at Camp Silver in New Paltz, NY, Roger and I decided to sneak in a little hike before driving back to Vermont. Just a few miles from our beautiful camp site was Minnewaska State Park!

The trail winds around and above Lake Minnewaska, which on this day was shrouded in fog. There weren't many other people on the trail, and most of the time we couldn't hear anything or anyone else at all. The views were wonderful and calm above the fog, and even though we were up really high, the hike was never too strenuous.
Even though Roger had to stay on his leash the whole time, he did get to splash around in the lake and seemed to love standing on the edges of the cliffs. I knew there was a reason I call him BraveDog!