Sunday, October 14, 2007


Paw-jama partier #2!
I didn't know how old Sawyer was, I didn't know what kind of dog he is. All I knew is he's a total snuggle-bug. We walked Church St this morning, and since he's a smaller dog, lots of little kids wanted to pet him. I held him so he couldn't knock them over, and he was very tolerant of small hands. A little freaked out around people and cars at nighttime walks, and not necessarily a fan of other dogs. When Lindsey visited he was hyper the whole time, but when it's just us he's totally mellow and lovey. I have since found out that he is a 5yo Australian Kelpie. I need to write his report card still, I'm confident he'll quickly find a wonderful forever-home.


My first paw-jama party guest, Jaxon. I just found out this weekend that he's out being fostered-to-adopt!! How exciting for him! A 6yr old lab mix, he was a wonderful house guest. He didn't like my neighbors walking up and down the stairs, and unless I caught it before he did and started talking him down right away, he would run to the door and bark. We walked Church St all morning on Sunday. He loved meeting new people and new dogs!! We went to see Mike's band, Traditional Medicinals, play at the Monroe St block party. There were lots of dogs and kids there, and he was a polite guest. However, he did bark when the sound system had feedback, and when strangers would walk down the street.


This precious guy is my favorite. He belongs to my Bolton coworker, Ryan. I take Rascal running, he came to Camp Silver, he stayed with me for a week. He's an angel in the car, loves other dogs, he just wants to be everyone's friend!! When I brought him along to Camp Silver, he slept perfectly in the tent with Dan and me (although Dan thinks he took up too much sleeping mat). He loved playing and swimming with us all day. At night he was dead asleep next to the campfire, but when I got up to pee, he led the way and protected me, awwww. When Ryan was in between apartments, Rascal stayed with me for a week. I absolutely loved it. In the debate over getting a dog of my own, this was a pretty strong argument FOR it.

Then Ryan moved to Milton, and I haven't seen him since.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why can't people be more like dogs?

Loudog is a 23-year old female Irish/English mix. She is food- and play-motivated, social, mellow, and generally friendly. She is protective of her space and her toys, and can be stubborn. Needs a household committed to using positive reinforcement and patience. She knows "sit," "eat," "hike," and "sleep." May benefit from further training. Loudog wants lots of activity and a sunny yard. She loves attention, but also needs a balance of quiet downtime. A house with no young children or cats would be best, other dogs would be okay. May be gruff or over-excited upon first meeting, but once she is comfortable with you, Loudog will be your best friend.

wag more/bark less

Check out some of the real write-ups on the HSCC website here

(I finally got to host a Paw-Jama Party! I had Jaxon, 5th from the bottom of the page)