Thursday, May 10, 2007

Never thought I'd say it...

I miss the Ithaca College Hammond Health Center. Yeah, you always had to wait forever, and they prescribe meds wa-a-ay to easily, but c'mon! Let's review:
1) Location - centrally located above Park, next to the campus center
2) Cost - Lab tests? Prescriptions? Well shit, I don't actually have money - charge it to my student account!
3) Walk-in - Sure, I carry a cell phone at all times, but who has time to call ahead and make an appointment?! I've got some free time *right now* so I'll go.
4) Prescription Room - If they don't have it, they'll get it. Prescriptions could be delivered up from the pharmacy down town so you never have to leave campus.
5) Waiting Room - okay, not necessarily key to quality health care, but the waiting room had a very strong offering for reading material. SKI, Skiing,'s all there.

Let's compare that to my current situation. I see Dr Baad at the GoodHEALTH Primary Care Center, and whoever at Planned Parenthood.
1) Location - GHPCC is in South Burlington, but not the end of SBur that I work in. Could be worse...could be better. PPN is near the UVM campus...also not great in relation to my office.
2) Cost - $25 copay per visit. At PPN, I'm getting the Gardasil shots, so that's three visits. At GHPCC, we're messing with my meds which means lots of follow-up appointments. This shit is adding up.
3) Appointments - I have to make one!! And I have to fit it into my work day!! What?!?
4) Prescriptions - Well, there's a room, but it's called Brooks Pharmacy and I have to walk there and then kill time until it's ready.
5) Waiting room - way to brightly lit, pharmaceutical brand placement everywhere you look, and let's face it - the magazine selection SUCKS.

Now, I'm seeing great doctors and I'm happily paying for affordable health care so all in all I probably shouldn't bitch too much, but it just occurred to me I took for granted all that is good about Hammond!

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