Saturday, April 5, 2014

My first Stitch Fix!

(Wow. I know I hadn't written here in a while, but since I was posting over at Lou Goes West while in Boulder, I skipped 2013 here entirely! Oops!)

Back in February, I signed up for my first Stitch Fix delivery. Basically you fill out a style profile, set your desired price range, put together a Pinterest board (optional but really helpful, I think), and a stylist assembles a box of 5 items you'll love! When it arrives you try everything on, buy the things you want to keep, and send back the pieces you don't want. I posted about it on Facebook and was surprised to see how many of my friends were already using the service!

A couple weeks ago, my first delivery arrived! I had peeked on the site ahead of time, so I had a general idea of what was coming. A dress, two shirts, a pair of jeans, and a statement necklace.

First of all, they nailed it with the colors. The dress was a little tight, but everything else fit surprisingly well. I gave my mom a fashion show via skype, and it happened that I had friends staying with me the day it arrived. It was super-fun and helpful to get more opinions on everything.

The Fix:
-Harli belted fit & flare dress - $58
a little tight, the fabric was kind of thin. overall not flattering on me.

-Bay to Baubles statement necklace - $38
really cute, and looked great under the split neckline of the teal blouse.

-Kensie Jeans - $88
great fit! but in the end, too similar to the skinny jeans I already have for $30 from Old Navy.

-Cicely mixed-striped top - $68
looked way more flattering once it was on than I expected, but not special enough for the price.

-Colibri solid tab sleeve blouse - $48
Love! high quality fabric, the perfect color, good balance of trendy and business-y

Though I hemmed and hawed about the necklace and jeans, in the end, this blouse is the only thing I kept from the first round. I wore it last week and got several compliments on it. I had a $25 credit from my friend referral link, so it was only $23--even better! For ALL of the items, you give feedback on fit, style, price, etc so that each time their selections get better and better.

Overall the experience was pretty fun--the anticipation, playing mix & match with pieces I already have, etc. I already scheduled a second Fix, which will arrive later this month. I've also overhauled my Pinterest board, making sure to focus on things I want, and getting rid of things I already have.

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