Friday, April 25, 2014

My second Stitch Fix!

I had so much fun the first time, I had to go another round. Without further ado, here's my second Stitch Fix!
I know, the picture quality isn't great. Should've waited for natural light. 

The Fix:

-Kensie Jeans (again) - $88
They claim these were "light pink" but I'd say "ace bandage" is more accurate. Way too close to my skin tone. And too fitted for my taste. You can see my knee caps through 'em. Weird. Nope.

In the feedback, I asked for no more skinny jeans. The one pair I have is plenty. I know they're all the rage and part of the goal is to get things I wouldn't have picked out myself, but they're really not my style.
-Elora Princess Seam Sheath Dress - $98
Paired with the cardigan, I was almost swayed...but stretchy fabric is really not my thing. If I were to eat a big lunch, people would start asking when I'm due. I need either more structure or more flow. Nope!

 -Cathleen Split-Neck Tulip-Sleeve Blouse - $68
Cute little details on the sleeves, great fabric and great colo--oh wait, exactly the same color as the top I kept from the first Fix! I'm trying to expand my selection here, people! Returned--but I did really like it.

But don't despair, internet! The other two items have found a lovely place in my closet!

-Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse - $58
At first I thought, "ugh white, boring" but there are great details that make this top exactly the kind of unique stuff I was hoping for from Stitch Fix! The sleeve cuff has a cute little angle to it so that it puffs a bit at the elbows (these are technical fashion terms, don't worry if you can't keep up), and the bottom hem is doubled so it's a little heavier and hangs nicely. With a white camisole it can be office attire, and with a patterned cami it can be more fun. Keep!

Inspired in part by the necklace in my first fix, I just ordered a few bright "statement" necklaces that'll be a fun pop of color with this. Also clearly, I think my best look is hand on hip/in pocket, head turned to my right. And the lighting around my mirror leaves a lot to be desired. 

And finally, the one piece I knew I liked immediately:

-Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt - $54
Fun pattern! Flattering cut! Good quality fabric, lined, great length! Will go with all kinds of tops! Keep!

The note from my stylist specifically mentioned she looked at my Pinterest board, and I'm more convinced than ever that plays the biggest role in the selections. She also mentioned they didn't have any blazers in the right size at the moment, which was something I asked for in the feedback from my first Fix. Honestly it's for the best that I didn't like everything--who could afford it! I was lucky enough to have a friend referral credit again to help defray the cost. I scheduled my third Fix, but as popular as Stitch Fix has become lately, the soonest date wasn't until June, ahhh!! 

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