Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why can't people be more like dogs?

Loudog is a 23-year old female Irish/English mix. She is food- and play-motivated, social, mellow, and generally friendly. She is protective of her space and her toys, and can be stubborn. Needs a household committed to using positive reinforcement and patience. She knows "sit," "eat," "hike," and "sleep." May benefit from further training. Loudog wants lots of activity and a sunny yard. She loves attention, but also needs a balance of quiet downtime. A house with no young children or cats would be best, other dogs would be okay. May be gruff or over-excited upon first meeting, but once she is comfortable with you, Loudog will be your best friend.

wag more/bark less

Check out some of the real write-ups on the HSCC website here

(I finally got to host a Paw-Jama Party! I had Jaxon, 5th from the bottom of the page)

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