Wednesday, June 27, 2007

GoldieLou and the three dogs

Yesterday was one of those bad days at the office, and I was in need of some dog-time. BUT I don’t get out until 5:30, and that’s when dog-walking ends!! So I called the HSCC anyway, and to my delight, I could get there in time for “evening TLC” from 5:30-6pm!!

When I arrived they sent me right into Camp Take-me-home to visit with whichever dog I wanted.
I started with Jake, the one I had walked a couple weeks ago. But he seemed really tired, and didn't really seem to want company. Austin was barking and jumping around, so I went to see him, but he was a little too high-energy for me. He managed to wriggle out of his collar, and started running around the room...not good. I finally lured him back into his kennel room and got his collar back on, and decided I needed someone a little more low-key.

Then I found Annabelle. She’s a sweet little hound mix who couldn’t stop kissing me!! After a few minutes of licking my face, she settled down and snuggled up on my lap for some quality petting and head-scratching time until they had to kick me out at 6 for closing. I think I've found a new best friend. I told her I would do my best to get in my five hours of dog-walking so that I could take her home for a paw-jama party soon! She sealed the deal by licking my face again (at least, I assume that meant she approves).

What a perfect way to end the day – now that I know about evening TLC, I’m going to do it as often as possible.

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