Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Treats: Deep Dish Cookies Pies

Had a lovely dinner with Erin and her family to celebrate her birthday! We finished the evening with these amazing creations, Deep Dish Cookie Pies.

The original recipe calls for homemade cookie dough, but trust me, the pre-made dough from the grocery is just as good when it's all gooey-melty-delicious with ice cream on top! The trick is to pull them out when they're still a little under-baked. When Meg & I made them for my birthday, we left them in a little too long and lost the soft, gooey quality that makes these so fantastic. 

Deep Dish Cookie Pies: Smoosh cookie dough into ramekins, bake at 375F for about 15min. Top with ice cream, and dig in!!


Linda said...

Yummy treats! These are worth trying at home.


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