Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunday Funday: Harvesting the Garden!

Finally last Sunday I didn't have any guests or plans, and the rain came and went in fits.  I seized the chance to harvest my root vegetables and put away the trellis and tomato cages.  

The carrots turned out awesome!!  Even the smallest one is bigger than last year's biggest. 

Unfortunately, my first attempt at potatoes was not nearly so successful.

That's the whole harvest.  In one hand.  I planted more potato than that!!

I think they didn't get enough water.  Maybe I didn't sing to them enough.  Oh year will be better.

Sunday Funday inspired by the blog Simply Everything Beautiful


Anonymous said...

I am impressed. You did WAY better than I ever would have.


Sasmita said...

Is that potato or tomotos? so red?

Good effort! Try out carrot recipes (sweet dishes). You have lots of them.