Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crafterday Afternoon: Roger's bedcover

For quite a while now, I've cringed every time I look over at Roger's bed in the living room. The stuffing has been worn about as flat as it can be, and has turned a permanently muddy color. Even though the cover is removable for washing, it no longer gets...clean.

When the Little Sir comes in soggy from swimming, or muddy from the dog park, he knows he's not allowed on the couch so he plops down on his bed until he's dry. Every Sunday he gnaws on his marrow bone on - you guessed it - his bed. At this point those stains are so ground in, they're never coming out.

For reference - here's what it used to look like. That didn't last long.

I decided the best solution would be to start fresh.

Last winter, the fitted sheet from my very favorite flannel sheet set "Starry Night" finally wore through. I saved it of course, because let's be honest, I can't throw anything away. It's in my genes. When winter rolled around this year, I was reminded just how fanatically Roger loves flannel sheets - nearly as much as I do. And then it hit me - the perfect use for the worn sheet would be to make Roger a bed cover!! The parts of the sheet that tuck around the mattress have no wear, there should be plenty to work with to make a removable, easily-laundered cover.

I finally launched the project this afternoon. After holding the sheet up at various angles for a while, trying to find the right angle of attack, I cut the elastic off from around the edges. I thought I might be able to use a fitted corner as a starting place, but there was so much fabric that it was hard to see how that would work. In a moment of crafting frenzy, I decided I needed to get rid of some of the excess, so I proceeded to chop out the tissue-thin middle of the sheet!

So now I had a huge loop of fabric, with still no clear path forward. I realized the whole thing would have to be patched together from the smaller, unworn edge pieces so I broke down the sheet further by ripping out the seams at all the corners, and was finally able to make some progress.

I sewed together three of the largest pieces, then attached side panels. Luckily the patchwork effort is disguised by the random nature of the pattern. The cover is open across the center of the bottom, I think I'll add buttons.

I know it'll go through the same abuse as the original cover, but at least it's a fresh start, and it'll be easier to wash!

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