Saturday, February 21, 2009

BraveDog the Adventurer

Roger helped write today's post.
We went on a big adventure today!! We went really far down the bike path, it was practically uncharted territory. I even walked out on the frozen lake, which is just crazy. Lou says I'm very brave, and I agree. There were trains, and people, and ice, and other dogs, and sand! Like I said, it was a BIG adventure.

After that, we went to CDSW and dropped off the compost (which smelled AMAZING), and then we went to Pet Food Warehouse! We got a new bag of food, and Buddy Biscuits, and I got all kinds of treats from the people with the blue aprons, just for sitting and offering my paw! OMD, I love that place.

Since then we've just been snuggling at home. Lou baked a batch of my favorite peanut butter cookies, and I started my new food at dinner time. I love weekends - and it's still only Saturday!! Tomorrow we might see Cartoon Drum, and I'll get a raw meaty bone.

Did you know I tweet? Not quite like birds, but like Twitter. There are LOTS of other dogs on Twitter, and cats and horses too! You can follow me to read all about what I'm up to. But now, I think it's nap time.


Orange Pattern said...

Hooray! Love that pic. Lunch soon?

Chris and Mackenzie said...

You walked on a frozen lake? I'm not sure if you're brave, or crazy!


Roger said...

Mac- Crazy vs Brave: A little of both! Lou promised it was solid, and my bold venture was preceded by a couple episodes of barking at people for walking out there.

Chris and Mackenzie said...

Isn't it funny how the humans always go for the ole's paw trick? They can't resist it!