Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tough Stuff

"Mom...can we talk?"
"That girl and her food lady are still here."

So, Roger and I have a new housemate! Actually, two housemates - Heidi and her lovely little boxer, Roxy!

Roger's still adjusting to the news that he has to share his space. Plus, the stuff I had to move out of the second bedroom is still all over our bedroom and living room. It makes it hard for a guy like Roger to do his thing. "His thing" consists mainly of napping, and following me.

(A casualty of the move - I dropped my favorite mug. But Roger sat with me and headbonked me til I felt better.)


Amanda said...

super glue

Lou said...

That is tough stuff!!

I pieced it back together, but all those little bits in the picture were pieces of it, so it wasn't a snug fit. I'm still keeping it...I got it in Seneca Falls!

Chris and Mackenzie said...

Found one here:

Headbonked...sounds like my Mackenzie! LOL!

Lou said...

Chris, thank you so much for finding my mug!!

Headbonks are a key part of Roger's arsenal, used for letting me know it's time to wake up, or that he's available for snuggles. He's real good like that.

-dana- said...

the handle broke off of mine too :(

Lou said...

Oh noo, it's an epidemic! That's what we get for choosing mugs with such flashy handles.